About MyTurn

It's My Turn!

That’s probably your kid’s favorite phrase, right? We think it’s time girls say that to a broader range of professions. MyTurn wants to give the young girl in your life new role models to inspire their future.

Each MyTurn shirt features a girl working in a field where women are vastly underrepresented. Gender roles are a thing of the past. We match the characters with an empowering slogan to prove there's plenty of room for women in these fields and let your child’s imagination do the rest.

Be it a firefighter, C.E.O., farmer or scientist, we want the next generation of women to confidently say, "It's my turn!"

About the Owners

Meg and Cliff Judy, the founders of MyTurn, are the proud parents of a girl and two boys and live in Missouri. MyTurn was born after a frustrating trip to the store to buy our daughter some T-shirts. After looking extensively for something simple, yet empowering ... we ended up in the boys' section.

We were discouraged by the discrepancy in the messages being sent by the clothing available for our sons compared to the clothing available for our daughter. MyTurn is our attempt to help correct this imbalance.

Pictured: Cliff, Declan (3), Cooper (13), Meg and Clara (4)

Photo credit: LG Patterson of Recess, Inc. 

About the Artwork

All MyTurn girls are exclusive, commissioned artwork courtesy of Amy Joy Studio. Amy Madej is a working artist and a visual arts teacher for St. Joseph's Academy in St. Louis, Meg and Amy's alma mater. Her passion and drive to empower young women brought MyTurn to life perfectly.

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Our MyTurn video!

We have Chimaeric Motion Pictures to thank for our phenomenal Kickstarter campaign video. If you'd like to listen to us tell the story of the creation of MyTurn, here's a link.