Ida the Investigative Journalist



    MyTurn’s collaboration with the family of a legendary investigative journalist and activist will raise money for Ida B. Wells Memorial Foundation.

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MyTurn, LLC is thrilled to announce our first collaboration and the launch of our latest MyTurn girl, Ida the Investigative Journalist.

    Ida launches in conjunction with MyTurn’s Kickstarter campaign and is NOW available to order in a variety of garments.

    “As two journalists, Cliff and I knew we wanted our first collaboration to be someone who represents the pinnacle of our field,” said MyTurn co-founder Meg Judy. “And, Ida B. Wells was so much more than a journalist. She was a suffragette, an activist and an educator. She represents the fire and determination we associate with our MyTurn girls.”

    “I am so excited about My Turn working with the Ida B. Wells Memorial Foundation for the Ida B. Wells shirts,” said Wells’ great-granddaughter Michelle Duster. “It warms my heart to know that little girls will learn about and be inspired by my great-grandmother, who was not only a journalist, but also co-owner of the Memphis Free Speech and New York Age newspapers. She had editorial control over her voice and used journalism as a tool to fight against injustice.”

    A portion of proceeds from Ida MyTurn products will go to the Ida B. Wells Memorial Foundation, which gives scholarships to students from Wells’ alma mater — Rust College in Holly Springs, Miss. Most scholarship recipients are first-generation college students.

    “From the beginning, we wanted to do a collaboration with a real-life icon of their field,” said MyTurn co-founder Cliff Judy. “And from the beginning, we dreamed of working with Ida’s family. You don’t get much more on the right side of history than Ida B. Wells.”

    The latest industry numbers show women make up just 39% of newsroom employees with women of color making up just 8% of the workforce.

    Ida launches in conjunction with MyTurn’s Kickstarter campaign and is available as a preorder option through backing our project